Sharing a Few Words from Residential & Commercial Tenants...

Waterfront Manor: 723 Bay

"Waterfront Manor has acquired yet another incredible Superintendent! Rob is a welcome addition to our community here.  He proved from the first day here, that he was approachable, true to his word, experienced and professional.  He seems to be able to tackle any problem and has the knowledge to fix  a variety of issues. Responsive, reliable and resourceful are just three of the adjectives that describe Rob.

He maintains our building, inside and out, to the standards set by Sar-Gin and takes great care in the exterior appearance of the building and landscaping as well as the common areas internally.  It is with a sense of pride that residents here call Waterfront Manor home. Furthermore, Rob’s attention to safety protocols is greatly appreciated by everyone here. Rob has a  pleasant and obliging nature - and he is quick to help a neighbour in need - as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. He is readily accessible and always makes time to address a problem, a concern or just have a friendly chat.

Sar-Gin definitely acquired a gem of a superintendent in Rob, and as a tenant, I can tell you that he is highly respected by other Waterfront Manor residents. When I moved here, I considered Waterfront Manor my “new family “….we are indeed a community of people that care for and watch out for each other - and Rob is a welcome part of that family.  The residents of Waterfront Manor are very fortunate indeed to have such an approachable and attentive Superintendent. Well deserved kudos are due to Rob, our outstanding Superintendent."

~  Louise, Residential Apartment Tenant at Waterfront Manor

Windsor Court: 138 Kohler

"I want to thank you very much Sar-Gin Developments. The last three years have been the worst of my life and you could have added to that - instead, you have been nothing but polite and professional and I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate it."

~  Leslie, Past Residential Apartment Tenant, Sault Ste. Marie

Waterfront Manor: 723 Bay

"Mr. & Mrs. Gino Sartor: Just read your mission statement/history and was pleasantly overwhelmed by its simplicity, beauty and honesty. My wife and I would like to respond with a hearty thumbs up and congratulate you in our sincerest way on your many accomplishments. We have lived for 5.5 years in one of your finely crafted buildings on Bay Street. It is a very attractive, well-constructed building, housing 35 apartments, and every one showcasing the finest in quality. Our Superintendent and his wife are a pleasure to know and are the very best at what they do.

The beautiful building and its contents are very well maintained by Sar-Gin Developments' Management who regularly seek improvements and repairs with quality standards. Mr. & Mrs. Sartor, we love our apartment and from the bottom of our hearts appreciate what you do and congratulate you on your magnificent achievements in our fair city. We are so impressed with your family history...your humble beginnings...your pencil and ruler ideas...and your suitcase full of dreams...that came true!"

~  Bob & Cheryl, Residential Apartment Tenants at Waterfront Manor

The Cochrane Block: 111 Elgin Street & 386 Queen Street

"The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has been a long-term, main Tenant at The Cochrane Block, 386 Queen Street East.

During the last 19 years, we've found Sar-Gin Developments to be good Landlords. Everything CMHA has requested has been received and with a very quick response.

When it was time to renew our Lease Agreement, we acted quickly to renew for another ten years to ensure CMHA could remain a Tenant of the building."

~  Annette, CMHA Executive Director, Sault Ste. Marie/Algoma Branch

Top O'The Hill Apartments: 30 Borron Avenue

"I was looking for a fresh start in a clean, quiet building. I'm very pleased to have found that in Top O'The Hill. The staff have been most helpful and very welcoming!"

~  Patricia, Residential Apartment Tenant, Sault Ste. Marie